faites de la publicité avec nous

Would you like to have your products on our website? HALLEDESPRIX.FR offers a simple system but yet effective. Once we are able to connect to your product database we will download all products and shows them on our website for visitors to review and compare against other merchants.

HALLEDESPRIX.FR acts as a shopping portal with price comparison, reviews, blogs and information about the products. The more you can give us the better experience the visitor will have.

Our price is based on clicks. When a visitor is sent to your store we get paid no matter if visitor purchase anything or not. It is free to list your products but we do take a setup fee that will give you x amount of free leads, meaning you don’t actually pay for the setup since you get free advertising equal to the setup fee.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus, vous pouvez nous contacter sur ad @ fastup. non

Remarque: toutes les communications seront gérées en anglais pour faciliter le travail de toutes les personnes impliquées.